Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Haircut

I have been putting this off.  Perhaps because I didn't want to have to admit I no longer have a baby and it is time for a big boy haircut!  But, I finally took him.  And it was time!  Our appointment was at 6pm for both Ryan and Kayley.  I was a little worried because he can get pretty crabby around that time each night.  But, it turned out to be a perfect time because he was pretty tired and he just sat perfectly still in my lap (his pacifier helped).  He seemed half asleep while she cut his hair and then perked right up when I put him in another chair to take his "after" picture.





We have had a busy week.  Andy left last Wednesday for Australia and luckily Grandma came to the rescue!  She was planning to come last weekend anyway, but was willing to extend her stay to help.  We miss Andy and can't wait to have him home on Saturday, but having Grandma here makes it a little easier.  Andy sent the following pictures from his first weekend in Australia.


Koala Bear

Andy feeding a kangaroo

Don't feel bad for me.  I haven't been lonely at night...I had a little visitor who woke up during a thunderstorm. 

Drew had a football game last weekend.  He had a lot of fun and had two touchdowns including catching a pass for a touchdown.  He was pretty proud and said Dad would have been happy that all of their practice helped him!  Andy spends hours throwing him passes in our basement so he should be able to catch one in the game!  He also tipped a pass and almost had an interception.  I think that got him excited for defense, which is exciting because he was the complete opposite last year and was too timid to go after anything.  I didn't get any pictures of Drew because our side of the field looked directly into the morning sun.  But, I did get a picture of this cute little guy.


Sunday was a beautiful day so we went to Tanner's Orchard.  The kids enjoyed spending the afternoon outside and playing on all the fun play equipment in the huge playground area.  Drew and Kayley had so much fun that Grandma took them on Wednesday afternoon as well because they only had a half day of school. 

Ryan hasn't been a boy of many words up to this point, but he FINALLY added "mom" and "mama" to his vocabulary while Andy has been gone.  I was only too happy to tell Andy when I talked to him!  Ryan has always been a daddy's boy so this was a little bragging point for me.  Well, the other night, he started yelling "mom" and I got excited because I wanted to catch it on video to send it to Andy so I quickly grabbed my phone.  This is what he said (for the first time too):

I couldn't believe it!  It was cute and all, but definitely not what I wanted to send to Andy!  So much for rubbing "mom" in his face!  To make it worse for me, he repeats "dada" all the time now and hasn't had much interest in "mom" or "mama" since!

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