Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fever, Football and Fifteen Months Old!

It was another busy week at our house.  On Monday, I got the dreaded call (that I am quite used to at this point) that Ryan had a fever.  I left early to pick him and the kids up.  Andy and Drew had flag football practice that night.  Andy is the head coach of Drew's flag football team.  When they got home, we had a quick dinner and as I was getting ready to leave for my first volleyball game of the season, I gave Ryan Tylenol, but he fought me the whole time and started gagging.  I was in my volleyball shirt so I quickly handed him to Andy in order to save my shirt and it was just in time because he started throwing up.  It was gross, but my shirt was spared (so was Andy's).  I tried to quickly help clean up between my own gagging and finally Andy just shook his head and told me to go.  I was only too happy to leave for my game while Andy and Ryan headed up to the bath.  Ryan's fever broke Tuesday afternoon and he was back in daycare on Thursday.  Now, we are just waiting for one of the other two to get it, but so far so good!

Tuesday was our one free night.  Wednesday was Kayley's gymnastics class.  She loves gymnastics and is very excited her best friend from preschool is in her class.  They go to different elementary schools so this is the one time they see each other. 

Thursday was Ryan's 15 month check-up and then flag football practice for Andy and Drew.  Ryan is doing great, but may be a bit behind in talking.  They said he should say 4 words in addition to Mama and Dadda.  He doesn't even say Mama or Dadda and the only thing he says is thank you" and "uh oh."  His pediatrician isn't worried about it at this point.  Ryan did start saying "what is that" this weekend.  Andy had said it to him and now he repeats it back to us when we say it to him.

Ryan's personality is really starting to show.  It appears he has more Kayley in him than Drew.  :-)  He definitely has tantrums (many involve fake crying) already and had one in front of the pediatrician and the pediatrician laughed and said we are in trouble and that was the most pathetic (fake) tantrum ever.  Ryan lays back very carefully during his tantrum (so he doesn't get hurt) and fake cries while looking at us to make sure we are looking at him.  It is hysterical and you can't help but laugh. 

He also gives us quite the look when we tell him no. 

We told him no after he threw food on the ground
We told him no when he threw a toy
And yes, I am very aware he is in need of  a haircut...

Saturday was Drew's football game.  He played quarterback for one quarter and scored a touchdown.  He was aggressive on defense and got a lot of flags.  So different from last year.  I watched a lot of the Kindergartners and a few of them cried randomly throughout the game and it reminded me so much of Drew last year! 
Drew is the blonde closest to the camera

Drew is the quaterback

Drew is #11 (Arizona Cardinals fans will
know why he picked #11)
Saturday was also my birthday.  The kids gave me cards that they made, Andy got me a spa package and they bought me a cake.  We went to dinner early and came home and watched the Hawkeyes beat the Cyclones.  It was a great day!

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  1. Great pictures. So glad you had a great birthday!