Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I started the weekend off with dinner on Friday night with two of my friends.  We went to Osaka, a hibachi bar.  Good times with good friends!  A third friend was supposed to join us, but she went into labor and had her beautiful baby girl earlier in the day so it ended up just being the three of us.  When I got in my car to go home I noticed I had a text message from Andy.  "Nemo died."  If you don't remember, Nemo is the fish Andy bought Kayley last October after she had her tonsils out.  We couldn't believe he lived this long.

When I got home, Kayley came running up to me and told me that Nemo died.  She was not upset at all.  She just said, "Nemo died, Mom.  We are going to flush him down the toliet."  At least she took it well??  She is already asking for her next fish.  Andy isn't so sure because he had to do everything for Nemo!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, which was exactly what we were looking for.  Andy's brother, Mitch, came for the weekend to help Andy with the basement.  The kids and I didn't see much of them Saturday or Sunday and they were able to get a lot done.  I know Andy was thankful for the help because he hasn't had as much time to work down there as we originally thought he would.  The kids got in the carpenter mode as well and decided they needed to fix some things around the house.

We also spent some time outside enjoying the nice weather.  The kids love the sprinkler and their little pool.  I really miss our pool in Phoenix this time of year, but the kids thought this was great.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

The kids spent the past week at my parents' farm and, from what I hear, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  They helped pick up sticks in the yard and rocks in the fields.  They truly loved it too.  Mom and I decided it was best for her and Dad to enjoy the free help now because as the kids get older, they certainly won't think picking up sticks and rocks are fun things to do!  The kids also go to take turns riding with Grandpa in the tractor while he was planting.  And they spent a lot of time in Pirate's Bay - a huge blowup water toy my uncle bought for them.  Thank you, Milt!
I was afraid they would not want to come home, but they were very excited when they walked through the door this afternoon.  Drew immediately went outside to check on the garden.  I told Kayley she got some new clothes and shoes in the mail from her cousin Macie and she went upstairs immediately to look at all the fun, new shoes!  I think she tried on every pair and squealed with delight that each one was her favorite when she was trying them on.  :-)  She put on a pair of pajamas from Macie tonight after her bath and came strutting into the living room to show me.  She also had on one of the new pairs of shoes and said she was wearing them to bed, but I finally convinced her it is best to leave them downstairs. 

Drew has been playing with his tractor, wagon and combine since he got home.  Kayley remarked that she would like a tractor too.  I think that comment was brought out by the fact that Drew wasn't sharing with her. 

Mom told me this morning that the kids were really disappointed that they missed Andy's birthday because they thought they missed having birthday cake.  I laughed when she told me so I baked bought a cake today while Andy was meeting my parents to pick up the kids.  I surprised all three of them when they got home.  I think the next time we celebrate Andy's birthday, we need a few adults to help me sing.  It was mostly me singing with some help from Drew and a word or two from Kayley.  I had better keep my day job. 

Happy 34th!!!

Frosting only please

I think he likes it

Watching a little Jake and the Never Land
Pirates before their bath

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started off with Drew and Kayley running into my room when I was getting ready carrying a huge card and a gift bag decorated by Kayley.  They were so excited to show me a preview of my Mother's Day presents, but we decided I would wait to open them until I was ready.  They were giggling with excitement!

I came downstairs and opened up the huge card.  Drew told me Andy bought it at the "huge card store."  I asked Drew what store it was and he just repeated that Andy told him he bought it at the huge card store.  I found out later that the huge card store was actually the gas station near the kids' daycare.  :-)  Andy saw it and thought the kids would love to give it to me and they did!

Drew gave me a picture he drew of a pirate ship and a framed picture of him with puzzle pieces around it.  In the middle he wrote, "I love you to pieces."  Very cute!  Kayley gave me a towel with her handprint on it.  Both gifts were perfect!

The kids drove back to Iowa today with my mom to spend the week with my parents.  We planned on them leaving right after lunch, but the kids were getting their shoes on at 9:15am because they were ready to go!  Andy took Sox to get her haircut and when he got back at 10am, he put the car seats in mom's car and they were on their way.  They are always excited to go to the farm, but this might be the most excited they have ever been.  I am sure they will have a great time and probably won't be missing mom and dad too much.

It was a quiet rest of the day.  Andy took me to dinner tonight and it was weird being able to eat while our meals were hot, not having to get up at least once to take a child to the bathroom, not having to clean up a spill...  :-)

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, my mother-in-law who we miss very much and all the other mothers we know! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time to Plant the Garden

This week flew by and I am always happy when the work week goes by quickly.  Of course, that usually means we are busy at work and at home, but it is still nice when Friday comes quickly. 

Andy picked the kids up after work on Thursday and when they got home the kids immediately started running around chasing each other.  They were laughing and having fun.  Andy and I were in the kitchen talking and we heard some screaming and crying.  This isn't a new sound at our house so we kept our conversation going.  Next thing we know, Kayley is sitting in her timeout chair (I call it hers because she is the one that is usually sitting in timeout) and Drew is coming towards us to tell on Kayley.  We ask what happened and he said that Kayley punched him.  We ask Kayley if she punched Drew.  She smirks.  Then we ask her why she was sitting in the timeout chair and she tells us that Drew put her in timeout.  We looked at each other and kind of smiled then looked at Drew and told him it looked like he had it handled.  Drew thought about it and smiled and agreed.  We asked when he was going to let her out of timeout and he said "not for awhile because it really hurt."  Kayley sat there for 5 minutes until Drew let her out of timeout.  They played together without incident the rest of the night.  If only it were that easy all of the time. 

We had a busy weekend.  Well, busy Saturday at least.  It started off with a birthday party for Drew's friend at Chuck E. Cheese at 9:30am.  I took him and had to leave at 11:15am to get to a baby shower for a co-worker so one of our friends took Drew home for me.  Then I took Kayley to a birthday party at Monkey Joe's.  They kids enjoyed their parties and the baby shower was beautiful so it was a good day.

The kids helped Andy plant the garden this afternoon.  They loved every minute of it.  I am not sure how much help they were to him, but they thought they really helped!  When I walked out to take a few pictures, Drew told me he was working really hard.  It appeared Kayley was working really hard at scooping dirt out of the garden box.  :-)

Getting ready to plant some vegetables

Kayley getting the dirt ready

Oops, got some in her eye

Planting lettuce seeds