Sunday, November 25, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Its that time of year!  I feel like we don't have any time to relax because we are always on the go. 

Drew started basketball a couple of weeks ago.  He loves it!  It is funny to watch 5 year olds try to play basketball though.  Not a lot of passing, but there is a lot of shooting!  Drew is the tallest on his team too.  Yeah, you read that right.  Shocking for anyone that knows Andy's family!  Drew gets all of his height from my side!  :-)

Warming up

Drew is #13

Throwing the ball in
Ryan loves going to Drew's games!

Kayley was only happy if she was watching
Disney Junior on my phone
We drove to Davenport last weekend for Amelia's 5th birthday party!  The kids had the best time and of course their favorite part was swimming!  I didn't take many other pictures because I was trying to entertain Ryan too.  Three kids by yourself at a swimming birthday party is a lot of work! 

We hosted my family for Thanksgiving this year.  Mom went out to Phoenix before Dad this year so she flew in on Monday afternoon.  I picked Ryan and Kayley up early from daycare and they surprised her at the airport.  My dad drove here on Tuesday and Matt arrived on Wednesday.  The kids have been playing nonstop with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt.  They are going to be exhausted (and possibly very bored) when everyone leaves later today.  But, just a few weeks until Christmas! 

The kids on Thanksgiving morning

Andy and I went to the Iowa/Nebraska game on Friday.  We got up at 4am and drove to Iowa City to meet his brothers for the game.  The Hawks lost.  While not unexpected, it is still disappointing and especially hard to lose to Nebraska! 

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