Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a football player, a princess and a giraffe for Halloween and I didn't spend any money on costumes this year!  My brother gave Drew a Chicago Bears (his favorite team, not ours!) uniform last year for his birthday so Drew wanted to wear that.  I talked Kayley into being a princess again.  It didn't take much convincing because I think she forgot she wore it last year and acted like it was the best costume ever when I pulled it out of her closet!  And, poor Ryan, wasn't going to be anything.  We didn't have a costume small enough for him so I was just going to forget it (we didn't even have a Halloween onesie for him).  My co-worker heard me say he wasn't going to be anything and she brought in a baby giraffe costume that her daughter used when she was a baby so Ryan got to dress up too! 

Andy went to Drew's Halloween party while I went to Kayley's at the daycare.  I picked up Ryan from his room and we went to Kayley's room and watched her class sing some Halloween songs and have their party.  Kayley enjoyed some yummy food at her party while I got soaked by Ryan's spit up.  Nothing says professional quite like spit up stained clothes!

Halloween was a little chilly so I was more than willing to stay home with Ryan and hand out candy while Andy and Sox took Drew and Kayley trick or treating.  They weren't gone long though.  Kayley still tires out pretty quickly and they wanted to come back to help hand out candy.  When Drew answered the door, I would hear him say, "You can take two pieces."  When Kayley answered the door, I would hear, "You can take a handful."  :-) 

Ryan trying on his costume the night before.
Kayley at her parade

Getting ready to go trick or treating!

Ryan isn't so sure about his costume

Excited to hand out candy!
Waiting for trick or treaters
All done!


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  1. They all look adorable! I wish they would have rung my doorbell!