Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Fever, Polar Express and Disney on Ice!

Things haven't slowed down around here.  Drew is still busy with basketball three days per week.  He usually has two games and one practice each week.  It is a lot of fun to watch them play.  Mainly because anything goes at this age!  He loves it and is really hoping for a basketball hoop for Christmas! 

Kayley has gymnastics one night every week and is really enjoying it.  She has learned a lot and loves to watch the older girls practice before her class begins.  Kayley has also started taking a much more active role when it comes to picking out her clothes.  She used to let me "guide" her or only insist on certain shoes, but now she wants a lot more say in most everything and I am learning to pick my battles.

Saturday's outfit
Sunday's outfit
I got the dreaded call from daycare on Thursday.  My phone started vibrating and I looked over at it and saw it was the daycare and my heart sank.  I hate when my kids are sick.  It was Ryan.  He had a fever of 102.2.  When I walked in his room, he looked miserable, but gave me a smile when he saw me.  I felt like a new mom because he is the first sick baby I have had.  Having Grandma watch Drew and Kayley prevented either of them from having a fever until they were older than Ryan.  But, it looks like we both survived his first illness!  Of course, now I am waiting for the other kids to get it.  Part of me hopes they get it right now and at the same time so we can be done with it (this round anyway) and part of me has the unlikely hope they won't get it at all!

Feeling good enough to play on Saturday
Saturday night, we took the kids on The Polar Express.  They rode the train, saw reindonkeys (yep), sat on Santa's lap, decorated cookies with Mrs. Claus and visited some animals at the wildlife park.  It made me sad for Arizona though.  I was really looking forward to taking the kids on The Polar Express they have up north on The Grand Canyon Railway, but we moved before we got the chance to take the kids.  However, the kids don't know what they are missing and thought this was the best thing ever so it worked out just fine!
Posing with the reindonkeys!

Polar Express!

Waiting to see Santa
First picture with Santa
Second (and last) picture with Santa

Decorating cookies

Our favorite - the bald eagle

Another picture of the bald eagle

One last picture on our way out of the park
A friend of mine and I took our kids to see Disney on Ice today.  Kayley was beyond excited to go.  Drew wasn't thrilled about going because he thought it was going to be all about princesses (a lot of it was!), but he ended up having fun even though he may not want to admit it.  :-)
Waiting for the show to start

Enjoying $12 popcorn!!


  1. Looks like they are enjoying the holiday festivities! Wish we were there to get in on some of these. :-( Glad Ryan is feeling better!