Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan's Baptism

We had Ryan's baptism this weekend.  Everyone arrived on Friday and the kids started playing immediately and didn't stop until everyone left this morning.  We spent a lot of time playing outside.  The gator and Pirate's Bay were big hits.  We also celebrated Macie's fifth birthday.  It was a great weekend! 

JD and Kayley
Setting up Pirate's Bay

Aunt Jenny and Ryan

Matt, Macie and Grandpa

Ice cream cake!  Yum!!

Opening presents

Macie and Ryan

Macie, Ryan and Noah

Ryan with his Godparents, Chris and Jenny

The Thiel cousins with Grandpa
Drew, Noah, Kayley, Grandpa, Ryan, Macie and JD

Maddy and Butch


Our first family picture as a family of five

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