Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lake Okoboji

In what is becoming an annual tradition, we went with my family to Lake Okoboji last weekend.  The kids absolutely love Okoboji and ask about going there all the time.  We drove to my parents' house on Wednesday and up to Okoboji Thursday morning.  With the addition of Ryan, our traveling time is getting longer and longer.  Not surprising.  Good thing we have our minivan with the entertainment package!   We only heard from Drew and Kayley when they wanted a new DVD or a snack.

With as hot of a summer as we have had, we couldn't believe our bad luck with weather.  It was cool and rained the last day.  Of course, it didn't stop the kids from spending hours in Arnold's Park.  We stay with friends who live right next to Arnold's Park.  So close that when Andy and I were outside of the house, the kids and mom yelled hi to me while they were on the log ride.  The location couldn't be better!

New ride - Pirate's Revenge.  They rode it 3 times in
a row and Kayley ended up with an upset tummy.
Someone takes after her Daddy!

Drew was NOT impressed with this little train!

This train was a little better

They still love the boats

Just what we need - more stuffed animals! 
And Kayley picked a raccoon.

They wanted the best ride possible so
they only sat in the back

Kayley loves the dragons

Grandma and Drew on the ferris wheel

Kayley and me on the ferris wheel
Drew driving the boat with Uncle Matt

Swimming by Arnold's Park

Trying out Uncle Matt's new motorcycle.  This
is as close as they will ever get to riding a
motorcycle if I can help it!

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