Sunday, July 1, 2012

Doctor in Training!!

Clear the ER!  There is a new doctor in training!  Kayley received her scrubs from Andy's dad for her birthday and she has been in them almost every day since.  She also has her doctor kit and she takes care of all of her babies and stuffed animals.  She offered to give Ryan a few shots, but we told her she can't practice on him quite yet.  :-)

We are busy with tee ball, gymnastics and having a newborn in the house.  I remember feeling slightly overwhelmed at times when I only had Drew.  That makes me laugh now.  By the time your third child comes, you are much more relaxed so a little crying here and there is nothing.  Try telling Drew and Kayley that though.  When Ryan cries, they are either right there putting a pacifier back in his mouth or running to me to tell me he is crying.

Overall, Ryan is doing great.  That said, I'd feel a little more rested each day if he would go back to sleep after I feed him during the night.  He is getting better, but he tends to be up for a little while after I feed him.  Or, if he falls right back to sleep, he quickly wakes up when I put him down.  We are working on it and he is getting better.  Slowly.

Drew helped us give Ryan his first tub bath on Friday night.  Drew loved it and Ryan didn't cry so we'll call it a success.  Drew picked out a Cars towel that his Great Aunt Lavonne made for him when he was a baby, got his diaper ready, handed me wash cloths, and helped put the soap on the wash cloths.  His favorite part was spraying the tub out after we were done with the bath.  There was as much water on the counter around the sink and the floor as in the sink, but Drew enjoyed himself. 

After the bath, the brothers had some bonding time.

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  1. Those scrubs are just too cute! Good gift, Grandpa Butch!