Saturday, July 28, 2012

Demolition Derby?

Not for Kayley!  She was not a fan.

Yes, I am aware she is overdressed for the fair.
She picks out her clothes...
Drew loves cars and monster trucks and loves to watch them crash into each other so we dropped Ryan off with one of our favorite babysitters and took Drew and Kayley to the demolition derby at the fair last weekend.  They were so excited to go even though they had never been to a demolition derby or a fair.  Kayley was sitting on my lap when it started.  If you have never been do a demolition derby, it is loud.  It took a few seconds for me to even realize she was crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she just said she didn't like it and wanted to go home!  She spent the rest of the time on Andy's lap covering her ears. 

We stayed for two classes and then left.  Drew enjoyed it, but he saw the rides on the way in and was anxious to go check those out.  I was ready to go when a car got really close to us and the mud started flying and 75% of the people around us lifted either towels or plastic to shield themselves.  We were clearly unprepared based on how close we were sitting!  Luckily, I only got a little mud on my leg and Andy and the kids didn't get anything.  The guy next to me was COVERED in mud.  I was ready to pay some money to let the kids ride some rides at that point!  The fact that it was 100 degrees and we were in a covered arena made it slightly miserable too.

Carnival rides are expensive and they don't last long, but the kids had fun.


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