Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day Weekend and Tee Ball

I don't have any pictures of the kids giving Andy his gifts for Father's Day because Ryan and I were sleeping when the kids and Andy got up.  :-(  But, he got some fabulous homemade gifts from the kids and they are proudly on display at our house!  Andy spent most of Father's Day weekend in our basement.  He is trying to get it finished, but it is not an easy task when you are doing it by yourself and you have a new baby at home.

Drew had his first tee ball practice on June 5th when I was in the hospital the night before Ryan was born.  Andy is a coach too so my timing on labor wasn't ideal, but they both made it to practice.  Drew had been so excited to go to his first practice so I am glad he was able to go.  His first game was this past Saturday.  It was my first time watching him and it was so cute.  The kids are so little and they only keep their attention on tee ball for a few minutes before they start playing in the dirt.  Drew had a great time and can't wait for Tuesdays and Saturdays now to play.  Kayley was a trooper, but did start asking to go home within the first 15 minutes of getting to the field.  It could be a long tee ball season for her. 

Drew and Coach Andy adjust their hats.

Getting ready to field a ball

Patiently waiting to bat

Bored with waiting to bat and playing in the dirt instead

Kayley decided to take her flip
flops off and play in the dirt
 Here are a few videos from Drew's tee ball game.  Drew is #10 and playing pitcher.

Apparently, you can't throw the ball until you have your glove all the way on!

First at bat

Saturday afternoon the kids spent some time outside .  I laugh every time I watch Kayley run and jump into the pool! 

And I have to throw this picture in of all three kids from last weekend.  Drew and Kayley love to hold Ryan and Ryan loves to be held so it is working out nicely for all three of them.

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