Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday to Kayley!!!

I can hardly believe Kayley is 4 years old!!  She turned 4 on June 9th, the day Ryan and I were discharged from the hospital.  I am a little behind on my posting, but we were able to celebrate her big day on her day.  She was a little confused about Ryan being born before she turned 4 because we had been telling her that she should be 4 when Ryan was born. 

Drew had tee ball practice on Kayley's birthday and we were hoping I would be discharged before practice, but no such luck.  Andy is one of the coaches so he went home to pick up Drew for practice and Mom and Kayley came to the hospital to visit us until practice was over. 

Kayley holding Ryan before
we left the hospital.
We were discharged around noon and went straight home to celebrate Kayley's birthday.  Luckily, I had bought her gifts in advance just in case I went into labor so we were all set.  My Mom wrapped them for me while I was in the hospital.  Here are a few pictures and a few videos of her opening gifts.  She told my dad when she was at their farm that she wanted a pink tractor and wagon for her birthday.  He didn't find pink ones (he tried), but he did get her a tractor and a wagon.

We had ordered her Strawberry Shortcake ice cream cake the weekend before so that was ready to go as well.  She has been talking about her Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake since we saw it in the book when we picked out Drew's birthday cake in January so she has been waiting a long time for it.

They finished the afternoon outside in their pool.  It was the last "swim" before the $25 pool finally gave out!  Not to worry, they have another $20 pool.  :-)  They love those small pools.  Good thing they don't remember our pool in Phoenix!

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  1. I remember Gracie liking Strawberry Shortcake at Kayley's age. I gave her a 3' Strawberry Shortcake doll which she still has on her bed and Gracie will be 10 in July.