Friday, December 23, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas!

We have been busy doing all the things you do before Christmas.  I can't believe Christmas is in just two days.  Where did the month of December go?! 

We took the kids to see Santa last Sunday.  They decided to go up together and bring their lists with them.  Drew was concerned he would forget to tell Santa everything he wanted so he wanted to bring his list with him.

Kayley didn't say anything.  She just showed Santa her list!

Posing for a free picture after I declined to
pay for the official picture with Santa

The kids and I made sugar cookies today.  Kayley lasted about 7 minutes, but Drew hung with me almost the entire time.  He is definitely Mommy's little helper. 

Hard at work

Also hard at work

He might have stuck is finger in the frosting a time or two

She hates baking as much as I do!

Or maybe she is crying because I told
her to stop eating all the cookies

And we ended the day with a gingerbread house.  Neither lasted long at this activity so we rushed through it to be finished.  That may be our first and last gingerbread house!

Our masterpiece!

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