Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

The kids woke up bright and early Christmas morning and were very eager to see what Santa brought them.  Drew decided to get dressed for opening presents while Kayley opted for her pjs most of the day!

Barbie sing-along toy

Tractor and wagon from Grandpa Mark

Basketball hoop

I try to start them young!

Opening her Barbie corvette

Cars bedspread!

Trying to figure out who the present is for

After the kids opened their presents we got ready for the Thiel Christmas.  Andy's dad and his brother Mitch came on Christmas Eve.  Matt, Kim and JD came Christmas evening.  Chris, Jenny, Macie and Noah came on the 26th.  We had a great time as always and the kids had a lot of fun.  We got the kids a babysitter and went to Andy's bar, The Pour House, on the night of the 26th to celebrate Kim's big birthday!  We had our Thiel Christmas on the 27th and everyone went home on the 28th.  The kids were so sad to see their cousins leave and have asked me about 4 or 5 times when they are coming back to visit! 

Here is a video of Kayley singing "Jingle Bells" (her version of it).  Anytime anyone would interrupt her with "Merry Christmas" she went right back to "jingle bells" chorus. 

Here is our nephew Noah playing with cousin JD's new toy and LOVING it!  This is too cute!

And a few more pictures from Christmas:
The next Taylor Swift?

Macie's Barbie jet from Uncle Mitch!
Getting ready for a cousin picture
Macie, Noah and Drew are happy.  JD is trying to fake happy.
Kayley is mad and really wants her hair dryer.

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