Thursday, December 22, 2011

Iowa Peoria

The Iowa Women's Basketball team played Bradley last Saturday night so Andy and I took the kids to the game.  Bradley was trying to promote the game so tickets were only $1 each and it worked because they had record attendance.  I think there were more Iowa fans than Bradley fans.  We do travel well!  Unfortuntely, Bradley's 3 point shooters were on fire and Iowa was flat.  Bradley beat Iowa.  We ended up leaving shortly after the beginning of the second half.  The kids were getting restless and the game wasn't that fun to watch at that point! 


  1. Win or lose, those are two cute Hawk fans!

  2. Glad you made it to the game. I followed along on gametracker.....lots of offense, no defense...3 pointers will kill you. I have never liked the 3 point rule. Did you talk to Lisa before the game? I think Iowa is having their girl scout day with cheap prices vs. Nebraska in January.......poor Connie and the Huskers.....I think one of her first years at Nebraska she came to Iowa, I gave my tickets to her parents. Iowa creamed NEB by 50 points.....after that, NEB went on a winning streak.....MC2U and a Happy New Year.......