Monday, August 8, 2011

Sweetcorn Reunion

We were out of town again this weekend.  Go figure!  This time we went to central Iowa for my family reunion on my Mom's side.  We jokingly called it the Sweetcorn Reunion because it was planned for the time when the sweetcorn would be ready. 

We left Wednesday after work.  Driving at night used to work out really well for us because the kids would fall asleep relatively early and we would have a nice drive.  Drew finally fell asleep at about 9:30pm and Kayley was still awake at 10pm I think.  And she wasn't happy.

I bought new golf clubs on Tuesday night and tested them out for the first time on Thursday and Friday when we went golfing.  I came to the realization that the problem may be in my golf swing and not my old clubs like I thought/hoped!  Ha!  I am golfing in a tournament with Andy next week.  I will be heading to the driving range very soon! 

Andy drove up to Le Mars on Friday after golf for his cousin's wedding.  It sounded like he had a great time.    I saw a few of the pictures on Facebook and Katie was a beautiful bride!

Drew and Kayley had a great time playing with my cousins' kids.  I had a great time catching up with my aunts, uncles and cousins.  I wish we didn't live so far apart! 

Some of the kids by the corn

and in the corn

Kayley crying for no apparent reason.

She is a pro!

Liam likes his sweetcorn!

Drew faking like he is eating his sweetcorn

He was much happier when we cut it off the cob for him. 
He is definitely a city kid!
Sweetcorn every night!

Each kid had a tractor to drive!

The kids had the most fun getting rides from Jan

Farmer Drew

Kayley likes to sing while she works

Drew settling for Kallie's chair after Liam refused to give
Drew his chair even though Drew tried hard to get it.  "Blue is
my favorite color.  You can have the pink one.  Do you want
Kallie's chair, Liam?"  Liam: "No."  :-)

Drew loved playing bags.  Please excuse the Cyclone board
 and the Husker board.  Neither are really welcome at our
farm, but they came anyway!  Just kiding, Julie! 
Kind of.

Kayley making sure she gets someone to watch
her before she takes her turn

Liam and Drew riding with Grandpa Mark

Kallie and Kayley taking their turn

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  1. Looks like so much fun. The kids are growing by leaps and bounds.....