Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Fun

Our summers consist mostly of baseball, softball and t-ball.  At least the first half of the summer anyway.  We got to the pool when we could, but most of our time was at the ball field.  

I don't have as many pictures from their games.  I mostly took video of Kayley and Ryan batting, but I am having trouble uploading videos to this site.  Hopefully my IT mom or IT husband can help me out!  I have more pictures of Drew because we have some awesome moms and grandparents on his team that take tons of pictures for the rest of us!

Drew's team won the Bronze bracket of the Brad Wallin Tournament.  It is a huge tournament with teams from all over Illinois and some from surrounding states that is held in memory of a young boy who died of cancer when he was about Drew's age.  The tournament raises a lot of money for St. Jude.  Great tournament for a great cause.  Drew's team last year got third place in the Gold bracket so it was disappointing for them to find themselves in the Bronze bracket, but they battled back and won.

The Brad Wallin Tournament tired this boy out...hours of playing in the dirt!

 Drew's team got things really going in mid June when they won a tournament with some very good competition.  Drew ended up pitching the championship game and this momma was NERVOUS, but he and his team did really well!

Kayley's favorite position in softball is catcher.  She hated it last year, but loved it this year.  Next year she moves to kid pitch.  She told me she wants nothing to do with pitching!

A day off...

Ryan usually got extra attention from his coaches.  Not sure why?!

Happy birthday, Grandpa!!

Andy had to take over head coaching duties for the last part of the season and they won the first tournament they were in under him.  I was really nervous at this tournament!  Andy's dad was here for this tournament so it was great for him to see his son coach and see his grandson win a tournament.

Ryan and some of his teammates with their participation trophies!  :-)  

And a picture with his biggest fans.

A day off so we were at the pool!

Drew batting in his last tournament of the year.

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