Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fun with Family

Once baseball and softball were over, we had a lot of family time the month of July.  The kids went to the farm with my mom and dad for 9 days right after the 4th of July.  They LOVE going to the farm, which is so nice to see.  I didn't exactly always appreciate growing up on the farm and didn't really appreciate it until I got older, but the kids absolutely love going to stay with their grandparents.  I'm sure the fun will wear off as they get older, but no sign of that yet.

Drew and Uncle Matt playing catch

Ryan and Kayley on some antique equipment!

Playing basketball in the machine shed

They boys and Grandpa at Adventureland

Yearly visit to Adventureland

Playing in the sandbox Grandpa built them

Doing a few chores!

Ryan got some batting practice in at the farm:

Ryan when I told him it was time to go home

Happy to be going home!

The weekend after they got back from Iowa, we headed to Omaha to see Andy's family.  It was just a weekend visit, but we had a lot of fun as always.  I didn't realize until we got home that I only took one picture that weekend, but it was a good one of the kids with their grandpa!

The next weekend we went to Cedar Falls to see Matt and Kim and their family.  They were in town on a college visit for Madison so we drove up to our old college stomping grounds to spend some time with them.  The kids didn't fully appreciate our quick tour around campus, but they were troopers.  They couldn't believe the house and apartments we used to live in!  Being back there made me realize how OLD we are now!  Yikes!  

Ryan, Kayley, JD and Drew

My apartment senior year!

The Hill - the bar we frequented as freshmen :-)

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