Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Fever

The week started off cold and even included another missed day of school due to icy roads, but it ended beautifully!!  We are looking at 50s and 60s from this point on!!  And then bring on summer!  Ok, I won't get ahead of myself, but I am so glad winter seems to be over!  

Ryan attended his first birthday party yesterday.  It was at Monkey Joe's and he was SO excited!  Andy took Drew and Kayley to a school night at Home Depot on Friday night so I took Ryan with me to the grocery store and he told almost EVERYONE that he was going to Monkey Joe's.  I have never seen him that excited.  He got a little confused a couple of times and told people it was for his birthday.  :-)  

He went down this slide at least 20 times

Kayley and Ryan entertained us last night.  Kayley was a horse first.

Then Ryan was the horse.

You would think with all the nice weather I was talking about, I would have pictures of the kids outdoors, but I didn't take any pictures on our walk today.  I was just too excited to think about taking any pictures!

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  1. So happy your weather has taken a turn for the better! I cannot wait for walks to the park and playing outdoors with the kids.