Sunday, November 16, 2014

Birthday Party Fun

I went to Nashville for a girls weekend last weekend.  We had a great time and I confirmed I still love Nashville!  While last weekend was a little time for me, this weekend was all about the kids!

Andy had to work Saturday morning so I took all three kids with me.  We had Kayley's haircut Saturday morning followed by swim lessons for Drew and Kayley.  Ryan was pretty good while we sat by the long as he had books to read and snacks in his hand.

After swim lessons, we headed to Monkey Joe's for a birthday party for one of Kayley's friends.  To say Ryan likes that place would be an understatement.  Because Kayley was playing with her friends, Drew was "stuck" with helping Ryan on most of the bouncers.  He was pretty good about helping and didn't seem to mind too much, but he did ask if he would get extra chore money this week because he spent so much time helping Ryan.  Nice try.

After that birthday party, we came home for a little bit and then Kayley and I headed to Iowa for Amelia's birthday party.  The drive was fine until about 30 minutes outside of Davenport.  It was snowing and the roads were really bad.  There were no snow plows out and the interstate was like a skating rink.  I was white knuckling it behind the wheel and it wasn't helped by the fact that Kayley kept asking how much longer until we get there!  But, we made it!

Amelia had a swim party at the Y.  Kayley didn't know any of the other girls and hasn't seen Amelia in 6 months so she was a little shy at first but warmed up pretty quickly.  She had a blast swimming and was SO proud that she passed the swim test and got to go down the big slide!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any more pictures than this and I intended to get a picture of all of the girls and one of Amelia and Kayley.  Not long after these pictures were taken, a little girl puked in the pool.  Twice in the pool and then once more on the pool deck for good measure.  Ugh.  Poor girl!  Then another girl felt sick and had to go home so it was a rough night for the birthday party!  I am hoping the one that threw up just swallowed too much water and we aren't all in for a round of the stomach flu!  At least Amelia had a memorable 7th birthday party!

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