Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Iowa Visit

Even though baseball and t-ball are over and football hasn't started yet, things haven't slowed down much for us.  Andy spent the last week of July in Australia for work.  The kids and I passed the time with a slumber party with friends and a night out for dinner.

Yes, McDonalds.  Hey, it was their choice and it is quick.  When we came home, Ryan sent Daddy a video:

I got a babysitter for Ryan on Sunday evening and took Drew and Kayley to a concert in the park with some co-workers.

While I readily admit a municipal band concert is not our usual entertainment choice, the kids really enjoyed it.  Well, they enjoyed $1 snow cones and $1 popcorn if nothing else!  

Grandma came to visit on Tuesday.  The kids were excited to spend time with her as always.  We got up early on Friday and left for Iowa.  We went to the farm first and dropped Sox off for the weekend.  The kids and I then drove to Andy's hometown of LeMars to see his family.  Andy flew into Omaha so his brother picked him up after work.  We were all very excited to see him after a week away!  

Everyone went golfing on Saturday morning except for me and Ryan.  I didn't think it would be very much fun to have him riding around in a golf cart all morning so he and I spent some time at the park.  He loved it!

He got pretty hot so I had to make him leave and he wasn't happy about it, but don't feel bad for him.  You can't go to the Ice Cream Capital of the World and not have ice cream.  So, after the park, we went to the Wells' Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor where Ryan had a dish of ice cream and ate every last drop.

We celebrated Macie's 7th birthday Saturday night.  I can't believe how fast these kids are growing up!!  Everyone enjoyed the ice cream cake, of course!  And Ryan enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to Macie.  He has been singing it ever since!

After cake, we had a bags tournament under the lights.  Before it started, Mitch gave Ryan a few lessons.

We waited a little too long to get the annual cousin picture.  The lighting isn't great and the kids were tired, but they are still cute!

On Sunday, we stopped to see Andy's uncle and then headed back to the farm to exchange Drew and Kayley for Sox.  :-)  Drew and Kayley are spending the week at the farm with my parents.  They were very excited to see Pirate's Bay when we pulled into the driveway.  

And Ryan was exited about the tractor.  This is the same tractor Matt and I had as little kids.  It has had a LOT of use!

It has been weird around here the last two days without Drew and Kayley.  Kind of quiet!  I definitely miss them, but they aren't missing us too much.  They are having a lot of fun at the farm it looks like from the pictures Mom has been sending!

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