Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Fun

Drew finished his baseball season last weekend.  We love watching him play, but it is a little nice to have some summer free time before flag football starts up in August.  Drew had a great season and really enjoyed playing.

Drew's coach giving him his trophy

Drew and Kayley are spending the summer in the school age program at their old daycare.  They are loving it, mostly due to all of the fun field trips they take.  The recently took a field trip to the downtown riverfront museum.  The museum is only a block from my building so I walked over to meet them.  They learned about planets and stars in the planetarium and then walked around the Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibit.  Kayley wanted her picture taken everywhere.  Drew was too busy running around with his friends to stop for pictures!

Kayley loved the Albert Einstein picture
made out of toast

Shark mouth

Andy took Drew to Iowa this weekend for his family golf outing.  I stayed home with Kayley and Ryan.  Ryan got a fever on Friday and had to leave early from daycare.  And nobody else in his room has been sick in the last week so I have no idea where he picked it up.  He's been fine long as he has motrin or tylenol.  We took Sox on a walk after dinner and Kayley and Ryan got ice cream.  It was Ryan's first ice cream cone (I know, we are a little late on that)!

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  1. Looking at his enjoyment, that cone won't be his last! Great pictures.