Sunday, April 13, 2014

Music, Soccer and Easter Eggs!

We started off the week with Drew and Kayley's spring music program.  Kayley was very excited to pick out her outfit and I struggled a little with trying to get Drew to understand why his athletic pants were not appropriate.  It was the first time Drew has been in school all year without wearing athletic pants!  Both classes did a great job.  Ryan was excited to see them walk in and then enjoyed waving to them throughout the program!

This week was a big week for Kayley.  She started soccer!  Kayley hasn't been old enough for most of the sports offered in the area.  For most things, she needed to be 5 by April 1 and she didn't turn 5 until June so we had to wait until this spring to start.  She told Andy she wanted to do soccer.  We asked her several times if she was sure and she kept saying yes so he signed her up.  So far, she has only had one practice and one game because we missed two practices when we were at Disney.  She was pretty timid during her first game.  She is anything but timid at home and usually the aggressive one so we'll see how she does over the next few weeks.

Kayley on her way to her first soccer practice

Drew didn't want to play soccer so he is sitting this season out.  He loves playing soccer at school and at home so we think he was just nervous to try a new sports team.  We didn't push it with him even though we knew he'd be jealous when it was time for Kayley to go to practice and games.  And he is.  It is a good lesson for him I guess.

This afternoon was rainy so we decided to color Easter eggs.

Kayley patiently waiting for eggs to color

Drew hard at work

Ryan's first time coloring eggs!

Ryan didn't last long so the 3 big kids finished up while...

Ryan ate a snack.  :-)

Speaking of Ryan, he is as ornery as ever.  He needs all eyes focused on him at dinner and if you take your eyes off of him for a second, he makes sure you will pay for it by putting his yogurt in his hair.  And he entertains his brother and sister with his antics and they laugh at everything he does, which only eggs him on.

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  1. Such a Ryan! Kayley looks great in her soccer clothes. I cannot wait to see a game! I am missing those three so hope that weather back there straightens out soon! Hugs to you all.