Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend.  The weather has been beautiful!!  FINALLY!!  The kids didn't have school on Friday and we also had the day off from work so we enjoyed a 3 day weekend together.

Ryan and Kayley had haircuts on Friday morning.  While we were gone, my Easter basket arrived in the form of a new kitchen table!

When I was taking pictures of the table,
Ryan was eating his last lunch in his high chair
and thought I wanted to take a picture of him!  

My friend, Angela, and I designed and ordered this table in January and it took until now to get it.  I was so excited to get home to see it.  Our old table was really beat up and the fabric on the chairs was beyond stained so it was time for something new.  Now, all we need to do is keep it nice...we have had it two days and Kayley has already spilled her milk all over it (I think it has been at least 6 months since she has done that) and Ryan has smeared his food all over it, of course.  :-)

Kayley had a soccer game yesterday morning.  I was in Iowa City for a luncheon in honor of my friend Katie Finn Milleman last weekend and missed her first game, but Andy said she was much improved this week.  Last week, she trailed behind the other kids and didn't seem very interested in being there, but this week she got in on the action and even kicked the ball several times.  That was a big step from last week, apparently!  Kayley is #6.

The kids have been playing outside almost nonstop this weekend.  Yesterday, they got the gator and ATV out for the first time this year.  Ryan had a great time riding around the yard with Drew and Kayley.

The Easter Bunny stopped by the house as well.  The kids liked their Easter baskets and loved the egg hunt. 

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  1. Oh, how I wish I had been there! Thanks for sharing.