Sunday, March 16, 2014

Girls Weekend Followed by Boys Weekend

I got another break from the winter that will not die last weekend.  I went to New Smyrna Beach (just south of Daytona) with two of my friends for a short weekend.  We left Thursday night and came home on Sunday evening.  It was a quick trip, but lots of fun!  The weather was unusually cold on Friday in New Smyrna Beach and unusually warm in Peoria.  So much that we were only 4 degrees warmer than Peoria!  Ugh!  I have the best luck when traveling sometimes!  But, Saturday and Sunday were beautiful so I am not complaining.

Dinner view on Friday night

Beach time on Saturday
Watching the boats during
happy hour on Saturday
Remember when I got home from San Diego and Ryan welcomed me home by throwing up during the night?  Well, Kayley wanted to ensure some extra time with me this time.  She complained of a sore throat Sunday night when I got home.  We gave her some motrin and put her to bed.  She woke up crying at 4:15am with a fever and complaining about her throat.  I stayed home with her on Monday.  She had a fever and complained of a sore throat and headache.  Dr. Mom went to work (i.e., I did some Google research) and figured she had strep throat so I took her to the pediatrician.  The nurse was skeptical that we would get a positive rapid strep test result because she had only started complaining.  But, it came back positive.  The poor girl was wiped out by the time we left the pediatrician's office.  She has bounced back pretty quickly though.

Are you feeling bad for Andy since he has been home a lot with the kids while I was traveling for work in San Diego and then in Florida with my friends?  Well, don't feel too bad.  I have been single parenting it since Wednesday while Andy has been in Phoenix for MLB spring training games with two of his brothers.  We've been doing just fine on our own, but we are excited to see him tomorrow!

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