Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where did October go?

The month of October is flying by.  The days seem long, but the months and years are short.  How does that happen?  We have been  keeping busy with football and gymnastics, but football came to an end this past week so we have a little bit of free time...until basketball starts. 

My mom was the Mystery Reader for Drew's class a couple of weeks ago.  The teacher reads a clue each day of the week and the class gets to guess who is coming that Friday.  Drew was pretty sure it was Grandma, but other kids in the class said it could be their Grandma so he started second guessing himself!  He was very excited when she walked in the door!  Grandma is a dedicated grandma for driving 4.5 hours to be in Drew's class for about 15-20 minutes!  She also was able to go to see one of Drew's last football games.

His last game was this past Saturday and it was COLD!  I am not ready for this!  We had left Ryan's hat and gloves at daycare so I was scrambling Saturday morning.  I finally decided to put his hood up and then put an old pair of Drew's mittens (that were way too big) on his hands.  He was MAD.  And let me know it the entire game.  Ugh.  It is going to be a long winter. 

Here are a few pictures of our blondies from yesterday after school:


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