Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yard work, Stomach Flu and a Birthday

We spent a lot of time outside last weekend enjoying the nice weather. 

While Andy and Drew worked hard in the yard...

Kayley worked hard too...

In my defense, I was watching the baby.  Ok, it wasn't all work for Drew either.

And this little one never seems to stop eating.

Kayley asked me to take a few pictures of her "being silly" so here you go!

This weekend couldn't have been more different.  Andy's birthday (35!!) was Friday and we had made plans to celebrate as a family.  I got the much dreaded call from daycare that Ryan was throwing up so I went to pick him up.  Oh boy.  I'll try to spare you most of the details, but lets just say he threw up in the car right after I got him strapped in his seat.  (Never mind that I just had the car detailed on Wednesday!)  I sent Kayley back into the daycare to get more towels.  It was awful.  He managed to throw up 2 more times during our ride home.  Then again right when we walked into the house.  Ugh.  He threw up every 10 - 15 minutes for the next three hours or so.  Then seemed fine.  He was a little tired yesterday, but has been great today. 

We tried to celebrate Andy's birthday at home.  The kids requested a funfetti cake for his birthday (shocker)!  I was holding a sick Ryan while we were trying to sing happy birthday so these pictures are a little blurry, but nobody was all that interested in having a nice picture taken anyway.

Things were looking up yesterday for Ryan.  He seemed pretty happy and back to himself.

Even though we were hopeful that Drew and Kayley would avoid the stomach flu.  No such luck.  They got it within hours of each other.  It was an awful few hours with both of them sick, but now that they are better, I am glad we just got it over with!  Andy and I have avoided far.

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  1. Poor babies!! So glad everyone is feeling better. Hoping you and Andy didn't end up catching it!