Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Drew!!!

I can't believe I have a 6 year old!!  How quickly the years go by.  Too quickly.  Drew asked for another funfetti birthday cake for his actual birthday and asked to help with it so he and I made it the night before his birthday.  He insisted on doing the frosting and sprinkles!  He wanted to go out for pizza for this birthday (surprise, surprise!) and picked a local chain called Monical's.  When we got home we had cake and opened presents.  I think he was most excited about the new clothes.  Ha!

Last weekend, we went to Iowa for snow kickball.  Snow kickball is just that - kickball in the snow.  Only problem is there was no snow and we are old now!  We played with Andy's brother's Matt and Mitch, Matt's wife Kim and our family friend Paul.  Paul's stepson and some of his friends rounded out the team.  The average age of our team was probably 10 years higher than any other team.  BUT, we WON!!  Here is our trophy!

This little guy is THIS CLOSE to full on crawling!  He has been getting around a room by scooting and rolling for a long time, but it should be any day now.  He goes about 1 or 2 steps and then falls on his belly.  It is funny because he has only been sitting well for a little over a week.  He took his sweet time with sitting up!

Finally, here are a few pictures from when my family was visiting.  Blogger was having issues when I tried to post them last week.



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