Sunday, October 8, 2017

August Omaha Trip

We made a quick road trip to Omaha in August for Matt and Janelle's Omaha wedding celebration.  We got to spend some time with Andy's side of the family and see my extended family that came to town for Matt and Janelle's party.  It was a quick trip, but a great time!

Sox and Mitch reunited

The local high school marching band was
practicing Saturday morning and we got
a special performance right in front of
Mitch and Kate's house.  

Ryan, JD and Drew in the pool

This might be the smallest hotel pool
we have ever seen!

Ryan and Grandpa

The kids were dying to go down the
water slide into the pool!

Grandma and Kayley

Kalkwarf Family

Kalkwarf and Swanson Families

Mom and 3 of her siblings - Jan, Sharon and Larry

Kalkwarf and Swanson Families again

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