Thursday, July 27, 2017

Very Busy May

It's almost August and I am just getting to a blog post about May.  We basically have not been home since April!  

Here is our May in pictures!

Ryan freezing at Kayley's soccer game

Our soccer girl

Rainy day = MESSY basement

Pre-K Lemonade Stand

Twinning - Ryan copies everything Drew wears!

Getting ready for the game

Playground fun before Drew's tournament

She's on top of the world!

T-ball practice

Swing and a miss!  :-)

More soccer

Break from baseball for swimming lessons

Ryan loves swimming lessons and Ms. Emily

Celebrating Dad's birthday without him - Drew
and Andy had a double header and these two
needed to get to bed so they had cake without
the birthday boy!

Drew received an academic excellence award

We have a Pre-K graduate!

Ryan loves his Pre-K friends

Onto Kindergarten!!

In Omaha at Uncle Mitch's for Madison's graduation

His favorite game


Grandpa and some of his grandkids

Playing hoops at the graduation party

Who needs a shirt anyway?

Last day of 3rd and 4th grade!

Kindergarten eye screening

Are my eyes really big, Mom?

Time for softball

Look at that form!

Baseball boys!

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