Sunday, April 30, 2017


We had a fun Easter weekend.  We colored eggs, explored the creek in our backyard, had an Easter egg hunt, and took a little trip to Fun City.  

The kids (and Andy) love coloring eggs.  All four of them have fun doing it every year.  I get it ready and they color them.  Then we have to keep their creations for a week on display.  When I finally go to throw them away, I have to do it behind their backs.  This year, we had so many baseball games and soccer games in the week leading up to Easter that the only time we could find to do it was one night right before bed.  :-)

The Easter Bunny showed up early because we were going to be gone on Easter.  That raised a lot of questions from Kayley...

Off to Fun City for arcades, swimming, go-karts, ballocity, and bowling.

Ryan loves the go-karts

Ryan giving a worker a ride!

Drew loves driving the big go-karts.  No
more kiddie go-karts for him.  

Kayley and Andy got the slow go-kart and
Andy knew it!  :-)

Ryan and I got the fast one!

Ryan with all of his prizes from the arcade tickets

The kids have spent hours in the creek in the backyard.  After growing up on a farm, it is nice to have some "nature" in the backyard for the kids to explore.  They didn't go down by it that much last year, but it has been a favorite play area this spring for the big kids in the neighborhood.  Drew, Kayley and one of Drew's friends managed to get their rain boots stuck in mud up to the tops of the boots a few days before this picture was taken and on the day this picture was taken, our neighbor had walked down with them and helped the kids dig their boots out.  What a nice guy!!  Andy was trying to teach them a lesson and was waiting to help them so they were very thankful Mark was interested in walking down to see where they had been and helped them out.  :-)  

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