Monday, January 2, 2017

Singing, Cavities and Sox

Drew had a music program recently.  It appears he takes after his mom and dad and singing isn't his favorite activity.  They sang Bon Jovi though so we enjoyed it!

Ryan was the first of our kids to get a cavity and he got two.  Yikes.  The dentist said he would definitely need the laughing gas based on how he acted during the cleaning.  Surprising?  Hardly.  We practiced at home - getting called back, climbing into the big chair and breathing through the nose piece for the gas.  He was such a big boy during all of that on the actual day.  I'm convinced it was our practicing that helped!

What we did not practice was the contraption they put in the child's mouth to keep it open and separate the tongue from the side of the mouth they are working on.  He was not such a big boy once that went in his mouth and if I didn't know better I'd say that laughing gas was not flowing at all because he was anything but relaxed!  But, he and I survived and he has both cavities taken care of.

I also need to include a few pictures of Kayley with Sox.  She has become Sox's new best friend lately.

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  1. What a great Christmas! I laughed at the pic of Ryan getting gassed and loved the Kayley and Sox photos. She is so good to that dog!