Thursday, July 14, 2016

4th of July

We stayed home for 4th of July weekend and my parents came to visit.  For fireworks, we did the same thing as last year - we went to the baseball game downtown and then stayed to watch the fireworks from our seats.  Sitting at a baseball game for 9 innings is a lot to ask of young kids...especially our younger two!  Kayley and Ryan were "done" with the game about as soon as it started!  Drew was admiring the pitching, but even he got bored fairly quickly.  Grandma took them to the kids fun zone in the outfield to pass the time.  I got a little bored myself so I joined them.  They had a lot of bounce houses and a batting station.

I also got some videos of Ryan playing in the puddles in our neighborhood during that weekend.  The kid can't stay out of dirt and water.  He's a typical kid for sure.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Look at Her Hit!

Kayley wrapped up softball the first week of July.  She played on one of the 8u house teams this year.  She had a lot of fun and improved so much as the season progressed!  I'm very proud of her effort this year.  Here are some videos of her last couple of games.  I think she went 6 for 7!  And look how fast she is...just like her mama!  :-)

And here is Ryan in his happy place at her game - the dirt!

Monday, July 11, 2016

We Interrupt This Family For Baseball Season

Baseball starts in January with Saturday practices.  Games begin at the beginning of April.  Tournaments start in May.  And the season flies by!  Drew had his last game of the season on the last Sunday of June.  It is a long season and our weekends are definitely devoted to baseball, but Drew loves it and we love watching him play.

His team played in two 10U tournaments to end the season and they placed in both.  In the Dunlap tournament, they lost a heartbreaker semi-final game in extra innings.  They ended up taking home 4th place in that tournament.

We came home after the final game and celebrated Father's Day with Andy.  It has been awhile so I can't remember exactly what we did, but I know he loved it!  :-)

The boys got 3rd place in another 10u tournament to end the season.  Drew pitched two complete games during the tournament and we won both of those games.  He had a good tournament at the plate too so it was a great way for him to end the season.

As happy as I am to have my weekends back for awhile, I'm going to miss all the games and all the other fun parents!

And Ryan is going to miss the dirt!