Saturday, November 12, 2016


Every Halloween at the elementary school, the 4th grade class gives famous person speeches.  This was Drew's year.  He had to research his famous person, write a report on his famous person and then prepare a speech - a four sentence speech to be said in front of the entire 4th grade and all of their parents.  There are over 100 4th graders so you can imagine how full the gym was.  Drew was pretty nervous, but he did great.  In case you have trouble hearing him, he was Michael Phelps.  :-)

We had a ninja, a kitty and Superman this year for Halloween.  Best of all, we had a beautiful (as in not cold) night for Trick or Treating!  

 Kayley at the school parade

Hayride at Mt. Hawley

Ryan's school parade

Ryan and Harper

Kayley, Ryan, Reese and Harper

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