Sunday, October 2, 2016

Busy September

Like every other month it seems, September was busy!  Andy bought a Frank Thomas framed signed jersey from the White Sox charity and you have to pick it up at the stadium so we had to go to a game.  Expensive way to get us up there for another game, Andy!  Ryan's highlight was taking the train to the stadium of course.  I took a picture of that and some video of them swimming the next day, but no pictures at the game!  Oops!

They won't be taking up synchronized swimming any time soon...

We stopped at the outlet mall on the way home, but Ryan wasn't having it.  Drew is truly the best big brother!

Next up was my birthday.  The kids are definitely more excited for Andy's and my birthdays than we are!  They made me a cake and my favorite gifts were the homemade cards from the kids!

Then it was off to Sonoma with a few of my best friends from law school.  Andy isn't a big wine drinker so if I was ever going to go to wine country it was going to have to be with my friends.  So much fun!!!  

The day after I got back from Sonoma, Kayley and Drew had orthodontist appointments.  Braces OFF for Drew and expander IN for Kayley!  One happy kid and one not so happy kid that day!

Trying to act happy even though she was
not pleased with all the metal in her mouth!

Last weekend, we had one final swim for the year with friends.  Ryan loves the diving board.

We also did a little Halloween shopping and Kayley decided to get her ears pierced.  She was very excited...until she got there.  Then she didn't think she wanted to, but she stuck it out and is happy now that she did.  The kids also had fun treating Sox as their baby.  Poor dog!

Andy's dad came to visit this past week and he got to see one of Drew's football games.  Unfortunately, the game wasn't that competitive so Drew didn't get to play like he normally does so it wasn't the best game for spectators, but Grandpa seemed to enjoy it anyway.  

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