Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Madness

We are having another busy, but fun month.  We went to visit Andy's dad in the hospital in Sioux Falls, SD the first weekend of March.  He had a bad reaction to his cancer treatment and has been hospitalized since the middle of January.  He has improved a lot over the last two months and was even able to get a day pass to come to the hotel.  Matt, Kim, JD, Mitch and Kate came up on Saturday so it was great to see them too.  The kids had fun and Andy's dad enjoyed being out of the hospital both days.

Ryan entertained us in the car.  He absolutely loves this song and "sings" along to it every time it is on.  He was a little shy since the camera was on him this time though.

The kids are doing another round of swimming lessons and Ryan is still enjoying every minute of it.  He was asking every day a few weeks ago if it was swimming lesson day.  He is quite proud of himself too.  ;-)

Ryan brings his artwork home almost daily from daycare.  I had to take a picture of this one he just brought home and send it to Grandma.  It is great that he loves his Grandma and all, but come on, I did give birth to you, Ryan!  Haha!

Drew had his final basketball game of the season yesterday.  It was at the March Madness Experience downtown.  We host the high school basketball finals every year and we also put on something called the March Madness Experience where younger teams can come and play a basketball game and little kids can play a lot of basketball related games.  Drew loved being announced (even if nobody ever pronounces our last name right) and loved playing in that atmosphere.  Ryan and Kayley enjoyed all the kid's games.

Andy is in Phoenix with Matt and Mitch for their annual spring training trip.  He texted me yesterday and told me to turn on the White Sox game.  And there they were.  My dad has his normal hat on, on his left are two bald heads (Matt in the blue shirt then Mitch) and then Andy is on the left of Mitch.  The kids got a real kick out of seeing Grandpa, Dad and their uncles on tv!  I taped the game in case Andy wants to watch himself when he gets home.  :-)

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