Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thiel Family Christmas

My parents and brother left on Saturday December 27th.  Andy's Dad and his brother Mitch arrived on Sunday for the start of Christmas on the Thiel side.  Chris, Jenny, Macie and Noah arrived Tuesday afternoon and Matt, Kim, Brandon, Madison and Jackson arrived Tuesday night.  We had a full house and a lot of fun!  

We had our traditional Christmas dinner of steak and crab Tuesday night.  Macie, Kayley and Noah loved the crab.  We aren't sure where we got Kayley.  She will try anything and usually likes whatever the new food is.  Not much like her dad and certainly nothing like me!

After dinner, the kids opened their presents.  Everyone was happy with their gifts so the evening was a success.  Ryan got 3 riding toys and all the kids seemed to enjoy them at different points during the week.  Macie got a snow cone machine.  I am not sure if she had more fun making snow cones for her cousins or if they had more fun trying all the different flavors!  Drew, Jackson and Noah had fun playing laser tag and Kayley got a lot of clothes for her American Girl doll and also matching PJs for her and her doll.  

Andy's family left on Friday.  We watched the very depressing Iowa game and then started taking down Christmas decorations.  Our house was so quiet Friday night!  I thought I would enjoy the quiet after having people at our house since December 20th, but I was actually a little sad it was all over.  Now we have to go back to work!

Our fun wasn't quite over though.  Kayley and I drove to Chicago Saturday morning to meet my law school friends for lunch and then the musical, Cinderella.  Mel brought her nieces and Ang brought Amelia.  The girls had fun together and Mel, Ang and I enjoyed catching up.  The musical was excellent!  I might have enjoyed it more than The Sound of Music in May and I loved that one.  Andy isn't into theater or musicals so it is nice to have Kayley to go with me! 

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  1. What a great Christmas vacation for everyone. We certainly enjoyed our week and it looks like the Thiel families enjoyed their days at your home! It all goes by way too quickly. I wish I would have been there to help you take down decorations.