Sunday, October 19, 2014

Circus and Football

A colleague of mine gave me his three tickets to the Barnum and Bailey Circus on Friday night.  That left me and Andy fighting over who got to go with Drew and Kayley.  I think the deciding factor was when I threw out that whoever didn't go to the circus with the kids would go get groceries with Ryan.  Only one of us took pictures of our evening.  :-)

Ryan enjoying a powdered sugar donut
while grocery shopping with Mom
The kids enjoyed the circus.  Of course, they wanted to buy the $25 toys.  Andy talked them into stopping at Target on their way home instead.  He got out of Target with only spending $12.  Everyone was happy!

Yesterday was Drew's last flag football game.  Makes me sad!!  I really enjoy watching his games and watching Andy coach him.  He moves on to tackle next year and I am not sure I am ready for that.  Is it just me or is 8 pretty young for tackle football?  Anyway, the team had a great last game against one of the best teams.  Drew had a touchdown and ended the game with an interception.  His first ever.  He was pretty excited.  After the game he told me that his first year he tipped a pass, last year he knocked one down and he finally got the interception this year.

The parents all thanked Andy for being such a good role model and coach.  He is so good with them.  He has the perfect temperament and a lot of patience for those kids!  I hope he helps coach tackle next year.

Drew receiving his trophy from his Dad

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  1. Andy is an excellent youth coach. I agree, hope he coaches next year, too.