Friday, September 12, 2014

Pour Some Water on Me

Ryan loves water.  And he really loves dumping cold water on himself.  A couple of months ago, Andy started filling up the cup in the bathtub with cold water and pouring a little on him at a time.  He absolutely loves it and screeches with delight and giggles each time.  After awhile, he started grabbing the cup and filling it up with cold water and pouring the entire cup on himself.  Then he started watching videos of people we know doing the ice bucket challenge and that prompted him to start pouring water on himself and letting Drew and Kayley dump water on him every time he was at his water table outside.

Ryan has a lot of fun playing with Drew in the sprinklers too.

It hasn't been all water at our house though.  Drew had his first flag football game last weekend.  I am certainly biased and all, but I would say Drew's team looked great in their first game!  Must be thanks to their coach!  I didn't get many pictures because I had a two year old on my lap asking me to read him books the ENTIRE game!  I will never again forget to bring a few monster trucks and trains to entertain Ryan!

Drew is the second from the left next to Andy

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