Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break in Phoenix!!

There is nothing like spring in Phoenix!  We spent 8 beautiful days in Phoenix with my parents over Drew's spring break.  It was my first time back since we moved and it was bittersweet   I absolutely loved the weather, hiking, spending time with old friends and relaxing in the sun, but I was really sad at the same time.  I really miss living in Phoenix!

The trip started out a little rough with a several hour delay at the airport, but the kids did great waiting in the terminal and on the plane.  And Ryan slept most of the flight so that was wonderful! 

On Saturday, we colored easter eggs, spent time at the park and celebrated Grandma's birthday at Oregano's!


Easter Sunday brought an easter egg hunt and Drew's first hike.  Mom and I took him to Pinnacle Peak.  He did great!  He made it to the top quickly and was a little too brave for my liking on the way down!  We also took the kids to a splash pad that afternoon.



And Kayley had a little bit of a tantrum and it scared Ryan!

On Monday, we took the kids back to the train park we used to spend a lot of time at when we lived here. Drew said he remembered the playground equipment, but I am not so sure. We also drove him by our old house, but he doesn't remember it. He was 3 1/2 when we moved and we haven't been back for 3 years so it isn't surprising that he doesn't remember. Monday evening we went to dinner at the house of our good friends, Lance and Sara. It was like old times! We had a lot of fun and definitely miss them.


On Tuesday, Kayley wanted to hike so we went to the North Mountain Preserve  Lets just say Kayley isn't ready to be a hiker quite yet!  She tired out quickly and then refused to walk back.  That girl is the most stubborn little thing!  Tuesday afternoon, we took the kids to the Children's Museum.  The kids had so much fun that we had a hard time getting them to leave after several hours.  Tuesday night, we left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and went to a local "Iowa" bar to watch the Iowa/Maryland game with friends.  It was a lot of fun and made me miss Phoenix and our friends here even more!


Wednesday was spent at Enchanted Island, an amusement park for little kids.  It was another fun day for the kids.  Grandma even faced her fear of heights and went on a ride with the kids that sends you high into the air!  On Wednesday night, Dad, Andy, Drew and I went to the Diamondbacks/Cardinals baseball game.  Lucky us, it was the longest game in history at Chase Field.  It started at 6:40pm and 16 innings later it ended at about 12:20am.  Ugh.  Drew LOVED it though so it was worth it!

After our late night, we slept in on Thursday and then I drove downtown to see some of my friends from my fomer law firm.  I had lunch with a partner from my group and then walked around the firm visiting with my former co-workers.  I definitely miss everyone, but as I sat in traffic on my way home, I decided I definitely did not miss the commute!  I just realized I didn't take many pictures on Thursday.  Just this one of Ryan during dinner Thursday night on the patio.
Friday was our last full day.  Mom and I went back to North Mountain Preseve for a 5.5 mile hike.  Then we drove to a hotel near the airport.  The kids swam and we also got to see my cousin Lisa, her son Taylor and her grandson Daniel Jr.  It was a great way to end our trip.


We flew home yesterday morning early.  I wish it was an uneventful flight, but no such luck.  Kayley was very upset to leave Grandma.  There were quite a few tears.  The airline switched planes at the last minute and our seats got switched so that we had 4 seats spread all throughout the plane.  I was talking to the gate agent and looked up when I heard Kayley crying loudly.  Andy ran over to her and then motioned to me that she threw up.  I walked over after not getting our seats changed and realized she had thrown up all over herself.  We had extra clothes for Ryan, but not Kayley!  Andy had cleaned her up the best that he could with baby wipes, but as you can imagine, that isn't quite good enough!  She didn't seem sick so Andy and I assumed it was because she was so upset about leaving. 
We finally got on the plane and Andy and Ryan were put at the front and Drew, Kayley and I were in the back of the plane.  Kayley slept most of the way home and then laid her head on my lap and watched DVDs.  She was still laying on my lap when we were landing.  It was the roughest landing ever because of really strong crosswinds.  The back of the plane was swaying back and forth.  I looked down at Kayley and she turned a little green.  I had her sit up and barely got the little airsick bag in front of her before she started throwing up.  Poor girl!  The guy next to me said he had never actually seen anyone have to use one of those!  The girl behind us was feeling pretty sick as well, but didn't actually throw up.  That is something I never want to experience again!  She has been fine ever since so I am not sure if she had a touch of the flu or it was just a combination of being upset over leaving and motion sickness.  Not the best ending to an otherwise wondeful trip!

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  1. You have really great pictures of the trip. Makes me lonesome all over again just looking at them. Tell Kayley grandma misses her, too!