Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We Survived!

Ryan (and I) survived the first few days at daycare!  I took him into his room on Monday morning and tried not to cry.  I talked to the teacher while on the verge of tears and tried to tell her a little about Ryan.  Ryan gave her a smile so I started to relax a little.  Then his lower lip quivered and he burst into tears!  Break. My. Heart.  That was it for me and I completely teared up.  I tried to make a quick exit, but ran into two teachers I know on my way out! 

I thought about Ryan all day.  I was most worried about how he would eat.  He has really bad reflux and he is starting to take after Kayley by refusing his bottle.  If you know anything about our struggles with Kayley, you know this is not fun.  We work with him and usually get him to take a decent amount, but the teachers at daycare just don't have that kind of time.  He has done a little better than I thought he would, but he is definitely taking less right now than when Mom was here.

His teachers said he cried when the other babies cried the first day.  He isn't used to being around other babies!  He'll get used to that.  They said he is a really good baby so that was nice to hear.  The one thing I hope he improves is his sleeping.  He has only been taken cat naps so far.  He is used to long naps at home so the noise in the room is something he needs to get used to.

What does a baby do that doesn't sleep that much during the day?  SLEEPS when he gets home!  He is a tired boy when he gets home!

I am happy to report that there were no tears shed by Ryan (or me) yesterday or today when I dropped him off!

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