Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun with Grandma and Uncle Matt

Andy and his brother, Mitch, went to Phoenix last week for spring training so my Mom and brother decided to come to visit us.  Mom flew in on Tuesday night and she and Andy traded car keys at the airport.  He took the same plane back to Phoenix and she drove his vehicle to our house.  I let the kids stay up until she got to the house.  Her flight was a little late and the kids were tired, but they were very excited to see Grandma.  The kids went to daycare during the mornings and Mom picked them up after lunch.  That allowed them to stay in their routine of going to school every day.  As an added bonus for us, Mom painted out basement in the mornings.  Thank you, Mom!  Matt came on Thursday night.  The kid stayed home on Friday to play all day with Grandma and Matt. 

The weather was beautiful the entire time and the kids had a lot of fun with all of the attention from Grandma and Matt. 

They played outside.

They baked a cake for Grandma's birthday.

They played outside some more.  They rode their bikes to the park (Kayley's first time!) and went fishing with Matt.

They rode their bikes at Bicycle Safety Town.  This was also a first for Kayley.  She had so much fun that she had a little meltdown when it was time to leave.  And, yes, we plan to buy them new helmets this year!

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