Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ready for Spring!

We have been spoiled the last few days with really nice weather and it makes me ready for Spring!  I can't complain (too much) about our winter so far.  It hasn't been bad and I hope the next few weeks are mild.

The kids had their music programs on the 18th.  We got lucky this year and only had to go to one night because the 2nd and 3rd graders go on the same night.  Kayley said she was a little too nervous to sign up for a speaking part and Drew couldn't do a speaking part this year because he did one last year so no nerves for any of us this year!  ;-)

Drew had his last basketball game last weekend.  I am going to miss watching him play and we have a lot of fun with the other families at the games so it is kind of sad to see the season end.  Kind of.  It was REALLY nice having this weekend free of games!  The all weekend tournaments really put a strain on you when you both work and need the weekends to run errands and get stuff done around the house!  We complain sometimes, but we really do love our busy life.

Drew had baseball practice Friday night and yesterday afternoon so baseball is in full swing now.  This year is kid pitch.  I am trying to keep a good attitude, but I have heard it is awful to watch because the kids aren't good pitchers yet so there are a lot of hit batters and walks.  I think we are really going to miss how great coach pitch was!

While Drew was at baseball yesterday, I took Kayley and Ryan to the school playground.  Kayley had fun showing Ryan around and "teaching" him how to play on all of the equipment!  She is such a little mom.  They had so much fun that they begged me to go back again today so the three of us went back to the school while Andy, Drew and Drew's friend went to the baseball field to play for awhile.  Good thing we got the playing in now because I see snow is in the forecast for Tuesday and Thursday.  :-(

I have to include this picture.  I peeked into Ryan's room while Andy was reading him a book before bed.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Visitor

Grandma flew in from Phoenix on Friday for a quick visit.  The kids are excited because they have someone to play with 24/7.  Andy and I are excited because we have a free babysitter for a few days. Everyone wins when Grandma comes to visit!

Poor Drew has been sick since Wednesday night.  He has a low grade fever (around 99), a bad cough and a headache.  We thought he was feeling better Friday morning so he went to school, but I got a call at lunch time that he wasn't feeling well.  He missed swimming lessons, a basketball tournament and baseball practice this weekend and didn't seem to mind missing any of them so you know he is sick.  The kids don't have school tomorrow so I hope he is feeling better by Tuesday.  And I hope the other two avoid it!

I took Kayley to an ice skating birthday party yesterday afternoon.  It was her first time and she LOVED it.  They have plastic walkers to help the kids and she used that for awhile and then decided to go it alone!  She did pretty well and only fell a few times.  She has been begging all day to go back today to do more ice skating with the whole family so that may be in our future one of these weekends!

Uncle Matt sent Kayley a ton of Star Wars themed Valentine's Day chocolates and a Rey cup.  She was in heaven!  Thankfully, she shared all of the chocolate with her brothers.

And I have to post this picture of Ryan.  He loves a robe he got from his Cousin Noah and even though it is getting a little small, he still wears it all the time.  Our very own Hugh Heffner.  :-)