Sunday, October 11, 2015

Surgery Round 2

Kayley had her tonsils and adenoids out when she was 3 because she was suffering from sleep apnea - not the typical reason of strep throat. Ironically, it was strep throat that landed her back in surgery.  Once your tonsils and adenoids are gone, your incidence of strep throat should go down dramatically. Poor Kayley has had strep throat around 6 times this year.  Apart from strep throat, she has also had countless nosebleeds.  They were so common that they didn't phase her at all and she could pretty much take care of them on her own.  A 7 year old shouldn't be that comfortable with a bloody nose!  Her pediatrician recommended a trip back to the ENT, who recommended cauterizing her nose and removing her adenoids again, which had grown back.  They grow back?!?!  Apparently, they sometimes do.  Poor girl!

Both procedures are minor, but you never like to see your child have to go under general anesthesia and this was her 4th time.  The surgery went well and the recovery has been very easy.  The worst part for her was getting sick from the anesthesia.

Not so sure about this 

A little more relaxed

Coach Marc was Kayley's nurse anesthetist.  He was the
basketball coach for her and Drew and has been a coach
with Andy multiple times for Drew's other sports.
He was SOOOO good with her.  

Marc gave Kayley rides in a wheelchair
before she had to go back for her procedure.

This is on the wall in the waiting area at the
surgery center.  Perhaps they could have put
that in another part of the building!

The kids also had a visit to the dentist recently.  It was Ryan's first time in the chair by himself and he did awesome.  WAY better than his siblings did their first time.  He didn't enjoy it by any means, but he sat there the entire time and didn't cry.  Maybe not a big deal for other families, but it was pretty big for us!

Andy and I took a trip to Fort Myers Beach in Florida with friends at the beginning of October.  It was so nice to get away for a little bit.  We rented a house near the beach and spent a lot of time at the pool and enjoying the views from the local bars and restaurants.  I missed the kids, but the warm sun made up for it a little!

See the huge house?  Not ours.
Ours was two down from it.