Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fun City

Swimming, laser tag, go-karts, arcade, bowling, ballocity (foam ball play area), and a sky trail.  Fun weekend!  The kids had Thursday and Friday off for school conferences so we decided to go to Fun City in Iowa for the long weekend.  

Kayley's favorite part was swimming.  The water was freezing, but she never wanted to get out.  Drew's favorite part was laser tag.  He kept getting the defective vest so we weren't able to shoot him.  He thought he was just that good!  Ryan's favorite part was ballocity.  It has a really long slide that is super fast.  We watched a little toddler flip over as he went down so we didn't let Ryan go by himself.  And that meant I got to play in ballocity too!

The go-karts were a big hit with everyone.  I took Ryan in one of the big go-karts.  He wasn't a fan at first, but loved it once we started going.  Drew and Kayley got to drive small go-karts and loved every minute of it.  They don't go that fast, but the fact that they were able to drive was enough for them because they kept going and going and going.  At $5 per kid per time...

A few pictures and videos from our weekend:

Lazy river

Lazy river

Andy cracks himself up...





Sunday, October 19, 2014

Circus and Football

A colleague of mine gave me his three tickets to the Barnum and Bailey Circus on Friday night.  That left me and Andy fighting over who got to go with Drew and Kayley.  I think the deciding factor was when I threw out that whoever didn't go to the circus with the kids would go get groceries with Ryan.  Only one of us took pictures of our evening.  :-)

Ryan enjoying a powdered sugar donut
while grocery shopping with Mom
The kids enjoyed the circus.  Of course, they wanted to buy the $25 toys.  Andy talked them into stopping at Target on their way home instead.  He got out of Target with only spending $12.  Everyone was happy!

Yesterday was Drew's last flag football game.  Makes me sad!!  I really enjoy watching his games and watching Andy coach him.  He moves on to tackle next year and I am not sure I am ready for that.  Is it just me or is 8 pretty young for tackle football?  Anyway, the team had a great last game against one of the best teams.  Drew had a touchdown and ended the game with an interception.  His first ever.  He was pretty excited.  After the game he told me that his first year he tipped a pass, last year he knocked one down and he finally got the interception this year.

The parents all thanked Andy for being such a good role model and coach.  He is so good with them.  He has the perfect temperament and a lot of patience for those kids!  I hope he helps coach tackle next year.

Drew receiving his trophy from his Dad

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top Frog

Kayley was Top Frog (aka Student of the Week) last week.  She had SO much fun all week.  She brought in a variety of items to help show her class a few things about her - baby pictures, pictures of her family, her t-ball trophy, a can of black olives (her favorite food, of course), a Frozen book, and her favorite stuffed animal.  She wants to be a doctor and a mom when she grows up!  I even learned something new - her favorite song is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.  I didn't even know she knew that song!

On Wednesday, I sent a letter to her class to tell them a little more about her.  I had to tell them about the time she cut her own hair.  And included a picture of that happy time:

I also told them how much she loved to dance when she was 4 and sent them this video from Memorial Day weekend 2013 in Omaha:

I told them what a great big sister she is to Ryan and how she plays trains with him, gets him snacks, reads to him, helps him with a bath, and entertains him at all of Drew's sporting events.  I sent this picture of the first time she held him:

Friday was Donuts with Dad at school.  The kids did an "all about Dad" page and this was Drew's:

Haha!!  I realize Andy is a co-owner of a bar and has to spend time on Saturday and Sunday mornings up there doing things, but our kids' teachers don't know that and are going to think Andy has a problem!

On Friday, the class Frog (Chocolate Chip - CC for short) came home with Kayley and spent the weekend with us.  We had to take pictures of CC's weekend.  Grandma was still in town and Grandpa Butch came on Friday night so we first took CC out for dinner.

It was chilly so Kayley
gave CC her hoodie.

Ryan loved CC!

CC got a special treat - soda!
We went to Drew's football games on Saturday.  Kayley, Ryan and CC had a great time watching the games.

Drew's team had a great day.  He caught a long pass (at this age, any completion equals a long pass!), had a couple of touchdowns and pulled a lot of flags so Grandma and Grandpa came on a good day.  The team received their medals after the game.  We still have one weekend left.  Flag football season is so short - it seems like we just started!

Drew with his medal

Team picture
We took Andy's dad out for brunch on Sunday.  CC came too and enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes with Kayley.

Last CC picture - waiting for pancakes!

Always naughty Ryan!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Trip to Chicago - Paul Konerko Day

Anyone who knows Andy knows how much he loves the White Sox and Paul Konerko.  It is no surprise then that we went to Chicago last weekend for his last two games and Paul Konerko Day.

We started out Saturday at Drew's game.  I took a little video of Drew playing quarterback:

Almost a completion!

After the game, we headed to Chicago.  I dropped Andy and Drew off at the game and then drove downtown with Kayley and Ryan.  We took our stuff to the hotel and met Mel and Sam at Navy Pier for the evening.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we had a lot of fun!  The kids enjoyed everything there was to do and Mel and I had a great time catching up.

Waiting for Mel and Sam

Loving the view

Ryan's turn to drive the boats

HUGE ferris wheel!

View from the top of the ferris wheel

Kayley wasn't scared at all
Enjoying our ride

Mel and Sam


Happy girl

Sam's first ride
The boys enjoyed the night game and took the train back to the hotel.  They got back pretty late and Drew was wide awake so it took a little while for him to fall asleep.  Poor kid didn't get much sleep because Ryan was up pretty early the next morning.

Kayley and I walked to the American Girl store for shopping and brunch on Sunday.  This was our second time at the American Girl store.  We went in May with Mel, Angela and Amelia.  Kayley had a hard time deciding what she wanted...because she wanted pretty much everything.  But, in the end, she decided not to get anything and wait and tell Santa that she really wants the twins and the twin stroller for Christmas.  :-)

We're back!

Patiently waiting for their brunch.

While Kayley and I were at the American Girl Store, Andy took Drew and Ryan to the Willis Tower.  Andy said Drew wasn't so sure about the glass platform you walk out on.  Ryan, on the other hand, wasn't fazed at all.

Great view of the city

Cheese time again

This picture makes me nervous

A little unsure

All three boys

After our morning adventures, we met back at the hotel and then headed to U.S. Cellular Field for Paul Konerko's last game.  We had a great time at the game and it was nice to be there for his last game.


Like many kids, Drew and Kayley have to do certain chores around the house.  One of their chores is to make their beds in the morning.  Sounds easy enough.  You'd be surprised.  But, looks like they both found a way around it.  Well played, kids.